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Portraiture is a true favorite of mine. I love capturing a visual representation of someone. I like to get up close and personal with someone, capturing their eyes and smiles. Everyone’s eyes are so unique and different, the colors and textures are always hypnotizing to me. I make sure in every portrait I produce that the subjects eyes shine.
The way someone looks at the camera can tell you a lot about them as well so making that the focal point of the shots is a must.

I like to get creative and unique with my portraits but also very personal to whom I am shooting. I like to have them bring a few things that are very significant, special to them or describe who they are. Having her wear her grandmas necklace that has been in the family for generations is a great thing to photograph since its very “her” and in fact means a lot to her.
I also like to find out what my clients likes, hobbies, interests are. I like to suggest we visit a special place to photograph them there.

The Most important thing is to create stunning beautiful portraits that will last forever.

"Let your personality shine through"

Portraiture is always an exciting project for me. It gives me and the subject lots of time to get creative when only working with one subject-(you). When photographing a person I make sure I get to know them, getting to know someone takes time but I’m willing to spend it in order to create photographs that portray who that person is.
I really want the subject to let their personalities shine through! If that means making the epic silly face your known for… so be it.

Our Ideas & Solution for Customer

Preparation for your Portrait session- Make sure to do anything you need ahead of time to guarantee a successful session. Pick out an outfit with neutral colors and little to no pattern to not date the photos. This keeps them simple but elegant and timeless.
Make sure to have nails prepped, naked nails or polished are great.. but NO chipped / half off nails polish please.
Natural is always better!! Don’t over do it with makeup, we are portraying YOU! The real you is the best you.

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