"I'm an animal lover"

As a child I grew up around dogs.  I have loved them ever since I can remember and I know the joy and happiness they can bring to a family and home.

Pet photography is one of my favorites. It’s definitely the most energetic and active.

I honestly treasure every lick, guilty look, howl and paw to the face. Pets are like our children, we love them unconditionally and the love they have for us is even more sincere and strong. It’s so hard to be unhappy when your surrounded by such positive happy animals!
Our pets really are apart of our families. I know how memories with them are very close to our hearts. Unfortunately our pets are only with us for a short period of time, that is why I believe capturing those moments are very important. Every pet session I do I strive to capture those very beautiful and important moments between them and their owners, so those moments can live on long after they have left us.

All animals welcome

Spending time with you and your pets are always a great experience for me. Each owner and pet relationship is different and I feel like I always walk away from a pet session having learned something.
Pet sessions are quite unpredictable as well, I always need to be on my toes and prepared for anything, which i am completely up for!
You have a small delicate dog? No problem! You have 4 large strong dogs? No problem! I am up for any and all dogs and pets.  The bigger a challenge the better!
No dog is too fast for me, I am able to run and chase your little ones around no problem.


Puppy love

You just brought home your brand new puppy and he is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. He makes you smile and he is a goof because he run straight.

I love being able to capture those first few months of puppy life. They are full of energy and exploring all these new things and places.  They are so small they can fit in the palms of your hands, they then fit in your arms, on your lap and then they are too big for any of that. They grow so fast its amazing. You’ll have a puppy one day and full grown dog the next.

I offer the chance to keep his at that size through Photographs or Video.  Your puppy love can last forever because no matter how big they get you can always look back at how small they were.

"Those always make for the best photos"

When working with pets its always important to me to capture them naturally and candidly. Typically with Cats I will do home visits since most are more comfortable indoors. For Dogs I do outdoor sessions or indoor at my in home studio depending on the size and breed of the dog. When outdoors I let them run around and sniff, jump, pant, dig, play and do whatever they would like! Those always make for the best photos.
Each and every animal have unique traits and personalities and I like to portray that in each and every photograph I take.

Our Ideas & suggestions for Pet customers

It is always important to bring a treats for your pet during a session. It helps keep their attention and rewards them for being so good.
Make sure your pet is freshly bathed and groomed so they look Photo Ready!
Bring them a toy, their favorite toy! This helps me capture them having lots of fun during the session.
Please advise me of any specific details regarding your pet. Disabilities, restrictions, behavioral issues and medical issues. I NEED to know these things in order to be prepared properly for the shoot.
If your pet is not good off leash this will help us in deciding an appropriate place to photograph.
When booking a session I will go further in detail depending on type of animal, size and breed.

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