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Lifestyle Photography can be anything from a bun in the oven to a family of 10!
I love lifestyle photography because you really get to know a family. Its very personal and more casual than other photo sessions. I like to create a relaxed and comfortable environment. Its the candid shots that I truly treasure the most from my lifestyle sessions. That glance over to dad when he makes that awkward joke, the laughing and genuine smiles people share.

Lifestyle photography is more of Documentary photography. Its to showcase a milestone in someones life.

The real treasure of being involved in Lifestyle photography is the growth of a family or child. When they decide your along for the ride too! I feel so honored when a family gets back to me after seeing their session photos and tell me that they won’t be looking for anyone else.
I get the ultimate gift from each and every family, and that’s being able to watch and grow along with them.

They grow up so fast

Before you know it… they aren’t so ‘tiny’ anymore.
Its incredibly important to document these milestones in your life! They will mean so much to both you and them as you all grow older.

Family is important

In Life, always remember to laugh and smile

Our Ideas & Solution for Customer

Picking out what to wear- Matching is not a must! To be honest, most of the time being too matchy matchy is the worst wardrobe mistake you can make. COMPLIMENT each other is key. Stay in the same hues and tones and a simple stripe or plaid always adds a nice accent.
Fabrics- There are some big Do’s and Don’t when dealing with Fabrics and photography.
Natural cottons are wonderful. Shiny fabrics create glare or undesirable distractions.

If you have any questions regarding this please don’t be afraid to ask! Id love to help with whatever you might need.

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