Lighting / Portrait

A Proposal & an engagement

Every Couple is Unique

I understand that every couple and relationship is different and I want to embrace this! This is an opportunity for you both to show exactly who you are and what you have with one another. Be different, express your true self, don’t try to be like every other couple.

Its what the two of you share that makes you guys truly unique and special and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see that come through the camera.  Usually its the hilarious candid moments that you both were goofing around in that my couples love and cherish the most. Don’t be afraid to have fun and goof around. This isn’t supposed to be a very serious and strict experience. I want to make sure these sessions are fun and expressive!

Capture every moment

Posing tips

During the session I will give direction for posing and help you but usually I like to give my couple space and capture them just having their own true moments. You both know how to get close and personal with one another. I let you guys do most of the directing, after all, this is your story.

I give my couple an action to do and its in the movement that I capture the true looks, laughs and smiles.  Make sure to stay connected in the photos whether its eye contact or by touch. This keeps your hands always busy and you never question what you should be doing with them or where you should be looking.  These photos are showing the connection between you.

Our Ideas & Solution for Customer

Getting ready for your engagement session:


What to wear:

Neutrals with a pop of color. Neutral colors are timeless and always show up on camera very nicely.  I always like to see the woman in a white top or dress, white is the color that screams BRIDE afterall!  Your fiance should compliment you but no matchy matchy! If you are considering denim, dark denim always looks so sleek and dressy compared to light ripped jeans, although it does depend on the look you are going for.

The pop of color should be bright but not florescent. Some really bright colors just distract and don’t show up well on camera. For example, the pop of color could be shoes or heels, a lipstick, a bracelet or necklace. Something that is an accent, not a main piece of clothing. We don’t want the color to be the focus.

Make sure your clothing isn’t damaged, stained or ripped! Steaming out your outfit also helps with making your outfit look crisp on camera.  Logos on clothing date and distract in the photos, so choose something simple- sometimes simplicity is best.




COMFORT COMFORT COMFORT! I cannot express this enough. Please pick something that you feel comfortable in, something you feel confident in and something you think you can move in.

Jewelry & Details – The camera captures everything, so details details details. I love when couples have a meaningful piece of jewelry that I can focus on and capture for them. It always adds to an outfit when you have some accents and details, a nice watch, earnings or clutch.  Feel free to have some fun by bringing some extra stuff that’s easy to put on and off- a cute hat, scarf, suspenders, sweater or shall.  These are fun and make a different look. They also act as props we can use to add movement to your photos.

Footwear- Bring a change of shoes. We will be walking to different locations and you need to be comfortable, make sure to bring a pair of flipflops to change into in between shots/locations.  Make sure your shoes for photos are polished and clean of any dirt.



A special suggestion

A day like this is special to your loved one, they get to spend the day with you, make special memories with you, laugh and smile with you, all while documenting them all at the same time.  This special day just gives you another excuse to show them exactly how special they are to you.  It is an opportunity for you to do something special for your soon to be! Buying her some flowers or a little something special to give him at the session will surprise them and make the moments I capture even that more special and sincere. I think by doing this you will also get some major brownie points!! 😉

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