Boudoir / Glamour

"I help you feel comfortable"

The best present you could give yourself or a special someone.
Boudoir is something every girl wants to get done and every guy wants to receive.
Sometimes thinking about striping down can be very intimidating and make you feel vulnerable. Some people feel like they can’t due to specific “problem areas” or other insecurities. LADIES!!! it’s 2016… we need to learn to be happy in our bodies no matter the way they might wrinkle, sag or be different than that super model on the front page of the new issue of Cosmo. The 1 thing I can 100% guarantee when you step into a boudoir shoot with me is you’ll feel completely comfortable. The last thing I want is someone to book with me and feel shy. I am just another girl and I understand the struggles. I work along with you to figure out what areas you’d like to show off and areas you’d prefer to be hidden. The angles and shots I take all depend on the individual I am shooting. Every woman is different which is why I pride myself in being able to reassure them they will get the photos they desire.
Boudoir doesn’t have to mean 1 thing… it can be sexy, sweet, innocent, naughty and any other word you can come up with. I work along side you in the planning of outfits, poses and overall feel of the photos.

"I help direct you into the right poses"

Worried about poses? Don’t be, that’s why I am here, I help direct you into the right poses and positions. I like my subjects to feel comfortable and usually tell them to get into a comfortable position she likes and I move her from there. natural positions are great but sometimes exaggerated positions are even better and we always figure that out along the way.

"Walk away smiling"

I make sure all my clients are happy and satisfied with the end product.
I have had numerous girls come in worries and nervous and walk away smiling.
Trusting your photographer is the only way to achieve amazing images and I believe creating a relationship with each and everyone of my clients is important. I make sure we get to know each other first before we get started.

Our Ideas & Solution for Customer

When choosing an outfit- It is very important to choose something you feel comfortable, confident and sexy in. I often tell ladies to bring multiple outfits so that we can change it up for a different feel. Something innocent and something.. not haha. Make sure that the chosen pieces don’t have visible tags or straps that will be noticed easily and are distracting. Look on the bottom of those heels ladies! Often enough I notice a sticker on the bottom of her heel and we have to stop and scratch at it to get it off.

Prep needed before a boudoir session- Preparation for session day is essential to a successful session. Think about what makes you feel beautiful and radiant. Is it having that glowing golden skin? Go get a few tans in leading up to session day to give your skin that golden hue. Is it having beautifully manicured nails and toes? Long lashes? Go treat yourself!
Lotion lotion lotion!!! The best thing you can do is make sure your skin is hydrated and happy. Make sure things needing to be hairless are dealt with.
People with patches on the body, scratches, bruises… unwanted details.. do not worry, I take care of all that post session in the editing.

Things I need to know before a session-
Have a good idea in mind of what you want so I can make you happy! Send me pictures of examples or “must have” photos and I can try my best to recreate it in my own new way.

There will be a lot of back and forth between us before the session so please ask questions!!

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